European Craft Hardwood Floors specializes in installation of solid, unfinished, prefinished, and laminated wood floors in accordance with NWFA installation specifications.

We work with standard and custom-made hardwood floors in different grades and thickness. We use a variety of wood species, such as red and white oak, maple, ash, beech, birch, hickory, mahogany, Brazilian cherry, pine, poplar, cedar, teak, walnut, and other.

We install decorative strips, borders, medallions, patterns, inlays, mosaic from new and recycled wood or materials such as stone, ceramic, marble, brass, and others.

We install and exchange: baseboards, thresholds, base-shoe, quarter-round, reducers, and others. We offer a variety of radiant wooden heat vents set flush or dropped into floors.

Installation of wooden stairs varies from job to job. Sometimes we cover or replace existing stairs while other jobs require the building and installation of new stairs.

In addition, we offer gym floor installation.

If needed, European Craft Hardwood Floors can assist in the moving of furniture and appliances. We can also remove old carpeting and dispose of debris. (Some services may not be covered by our insurance.)

For flooring, we offer a wide selection of sizes and grades from domestic to exotic species. We specialize in solid hardwood floors (both prefinished and unfinished), engineered floors and laminates. We also offer custom made stairs and treads that can be prefinished in our shop or finished on site.